Opting-out, or choosing to have data about you removed from Acxiom's connectivity products, will have two effects:

Reduce the amount of unsolicited online ads you receive from companies with whom you have not done business.

Reduce the relevance of online ads you receive from companies you do have a relationship with that are also Acxiom clients. This is because Acxiom clients use these connectivity products to better understand what offers may be of interest to you.

If I only “opt out of cookies,” what will happen?
When you opt out of your cookies, Acxiom will cease sending any personalized or interest-based data tied to your cookies. This affects the advertisements you would see on web.
What does the “Permanent Opt-Out” Do?
Our “Permanent Opt-out” opts you out of cookies and mobile device identifiers based on your email address or mobile number. If you have multiple email addresses or mobile numbers, you should opt out using each of them.
Why do you need my email address or mobile number?
We store your email address or mobile number in order to permanently avoid using your personal information for the purpose of advertisements. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your email address or mobile number to us, you can still opt out of cookies, without accessing our permanent opt-out feature.
What happens when I opt out of mobile services?
When you opt your mobile device out, Acxiom will cease sending any personalized or interest-based data tied to your mobile device identifier. This affects the advertisements you would see in native apps on your device.
If I opt out of targeting ads, through the above sites, will I still see online ads?
Yes, you will still see ads online if you opt out of targeted advertising, because most online content is supported by advertising, rather than by direct payments from viewers. However, if you opt out, the ads you see will be more likely to be “contextual” based simply on the website you are viewing.
Do you have device specific opt-outs?
Android Ad ID is for 4.4 or higher. Please go to “Setting” —> “Accounts/Google” —> “Ads” where you will see an advertising ID. Please enter that ID in the box below and select the “AAID” radio button. You can also opt out of interest based ads in general in this view by checking the “Opt out of interest-based ads” checkbox on your device.

You can find your IDFA by downloading one of several apps on the App Store. Try downloading The Identifiers app in the iOS App Store. The IDFA is labeled as the “Advertising Identifier”. Include that in the opt-out box on this page. Additionally, you can go to “Settings” —> “Privacy” —> “Advertising” and select “Limit Ad Tracking” and “Reset Advertising Identifier”. In this case, Acxiom cannot exclude your old IDFA from distribution, but partners and publishers will not be able to use your IDFA for any targeting or tracking. Additionally, when the IDFA is reset, the old IDFA is not tied to your phone and is for all intents and purposes unusable.

Our Opt-out Tools

If you have any trouble using our opt-out tools, please email ConsumerCare@acxiom.com and we will ensure you are opted out.